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Fathers day Sports Car Give away! 

Dads really love sportscars... so with every purchase before June 18th, you will receive a FREE sportscar to put with Dad's gift (your choice of Mattel or Hotwheels). Choose a signature pen, a classic watch or a bespoke ring, pendant or cuff links. I suggest the "Griffin and Dragon" ring, for only $195 sterling silver.


DIY Silver Ring Kit


September 20th: A Classic Celtic Interlace ring in 14K White gold is in the top right row of the Custom Gallery.

September 19th: Posted at work photos on the website of applying a Hammered finish to a ring and als the finished Hammered Ring on the Custom Gallery.

September 18th:  This weekend you could meet the actor Billy Boyd who played Pippin in the LOTR.  I'll have a booth at the one day Forest City Comicon Saturday the 23rd.

September 17th: Would you like to make your own silver ring yourself?  We now offer a DIY silver ring making kit.  Great for a gift idea.

September 11th:  Posted a blue Sapphire 3/4ct set in a Celtic Loveknot ring in white gold.  Posted in the 1st row of Custom Gallery E 2017.

September 8th:  Updated a Hammered finished ring to our pinterest page. Each one has to be done by hand.

September 6th:  Fabrication of Gold rings involve setting gems, metalsmithing of the fine gold and alloys, welding of settings, casting of wax models and engraving of designs on metal.  Each of these is done right here in our stone in London ON. To see our latest Blue Sapphire and Diamond Dianne Loveknot ring see our post here.

September 5th: A pair of yellow gold anniversary rings bound for England are pictured ont he 8th row of the Custom Gallery.  They feature the Braided Triskele with raised white gold borders.

September 4th:  So long summer hello to the Fall and Harvest here in the Northern hemishpere.  The leaves are ready to turn to amber and gold.  Posted a white gold narrow Celtic Wedding band set to the last row of the Custom gallery.

August 30th: We are glad that August has 31 days along with July.  It makes the summer longer.  Posted a two tone gold wedding set on the 7th row of the custom design catalogue.  It features the Classic Dimma Triskele.

August 29th: The Harvest and Late Summer Wedding season is upon us.  This has been our busiest summer for making rings and wedding bands.  Sorry for not updating this month, we will be posting regularly again begining with the Gold Thistle Triskele on row 7 of the gallery.

August 4th: We finished a set of sterling silver Rune wedding rings and shipped them to Pennsylvania.  The Runes were Saxon with the clients design on the ring.  See them on the Custom Gallery.

August 2nd:  We are in full production mode at the shop.  Wedding season is September and October.  Whereever you order your rings from do it 6-8 weeks in advance so you have a window for adjustments.  Rush Orders are still available.

July 26th:  Excited about the silversmithing course!  Here is an example of my students first work.  Hand pierced earrings and a hammered penanular broach.-Jason

July 25th:  Updated a family crest pendant which has the Murphy and Stewart crests in one design.  Photo is on the Custom Gallery row 6.

July 24th:  Is your wedding date soon?  Have you put off ordering a ring?  Regardless of where you purchase, give yourself at least 3 months before you order so that you have a large window of time for adjustments.  September weddings are less than 7 weeks away from today.

July 23rd:  A sterling silver Lion pendant is up on our pinterest page.  Please share thanks.

July 21st:  There is still room for the silversmithing workshop Jason will teach in Goderich in 2 weeks.  Click here to inquire.

July 19th: posted to the Pinerest page.  A white gold Griffin and Dragon ring.  We are busy right now.  If your wedding is in September it is time to order rings!

July 17th: Summer is fleeting!  Enjoy every second of it.  The Homecounty folk fest this weekend was a blast (and a lot of work).  The next outdoor show for us this year is the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 2nd week of August.  Jason will be teaching 2 simple silversmithing courses.

July 14th: Look for Jason manning the booth at the Home County Folk Festival this weekend.  It's booth 265 near Wellington and Wolfe st. in the North West end of the park.

July 13th: Posted another pinterest pic.  Of a classic white gold ring.  The Dimma Triskele ring.

July 12th:  Pinterest is so big and endless it seems!  We posted some new items including the cross to our page there today.

July 11th: Posted one of our handmade graduation orders on the custom gallery row 5.  It's a sterling silver cross with unique handengraving and a bezel set opal.  It shines.

July 10th: Sizing a ring or jewellery repair is 1/2 of the business of running a jewellery store.  Same day service is available for many repairs or adjustments.

July 9th: This upcoming weekend.  Bellchamber Rings will have a booth open at the London Home County Folk Festival in Victoria Park.  Starts Friday until Sunday.

June 27th:  On Canada day , July 1st, Jason will be speaking at the Embro Highland games on The Highlanders Interlace and it's use in Outlander, how Scotland got it's name, and why the Thistle became the symbol of Caledonia.  CANCELLED due to illness.

June 25th:  Found some inspiration in Celtic Art today.  The Snettisham's Hoard of Gold Torcs and Celtic Rings found between 1940 - 1983.

June 24th:  We're closed today due to illness sorry for the short notice.  We will be back on Monday.

June 22nd: Rose gold is very popular today. We make it with an alloy of 85:15 copper:silver.  Posted an eternity Triskele ring in White with a raised Rose Gold border on the 5th row of the custom gallery.

June 21st: Ogham is an ancient Gaelic alphabet unique to artifacts in Scotland and Ireland.  We posted a pair of elegant Ogham Rune rings to the custom gallery on the 2nd row.

June 20th: The mightiest ring we have made is a 22K, 60+gm Mens Square ring with 1ct of diamonds set on the inside of the band.  See it on the 4th row the custom galleries.

June 15th: Ready for another Throwback Thursday?  It's a ring we made 10 years ago and todayon the 3rd row of the custom gallery.

June 14th: Bellchamber Rings will have a booth at the Home County Folk fest july 14th weekend and Canada day at the Embro Highland Games.  Summer is almost here.  My allergies are telling me it is so.

June 9th: Thank you for the reviews. Google reviews are adding up for the store.  We strive to make heirloom quality rings and jewellery for our clients.

June 8th: THROWBACK THURSDAY.  Want to see one of the first rings I made?  It's a block initial ring on the 2nd row of the custom gallery.

June 7th: Custom made a Lithuanian ring with national symbols in two tone gold.  Photo is on the 1st row of the new custom gallery.

June 6th: FATHERS & GRADS in store special.  We have Classic Watches and Fine Pens for gifts.  Starting at $25.  Plus each gift comes with a Free Sports Car! While supplies last. (Hotwheels or Matchbox)

June 5th:  Posted an 18K yellow gold Diana Loveknot ring with a 1/2 carat ideal cut diamond on the last row of the Custom Gallery D.

May 31st:  We new accept debit in store, just got a new machine Saturday. If you have lost a ring and need it replaced we can custom make you a new one based on your designs or even from a photo.  Posted a photo of a 18K gents rings we replicated from our clients details on the 8th row of the custom Gallery.

May 30th: Sunday June 18th is Fathers day and for fathers day we will be giving away a special Sports Car (see store for details) with every Fathers day gift purchased this year.  In store only while supplies last.

May 29th: Wedding bands, Fathers Day gifts and Grad gifts are the mainstay this month.  Just finished a Dimma Triskele in white gold and a matching silver traveler ring on the 7th row of the custom gallery.

May 28th:  Found some inspiriation today whilst looking for rune artefacts. A 9th century Anglo - Saxon Rune ring found in Cramond NW of Edinburg.  Then found this page too.

 May 27th: A pair of yellow gold Spiral Triskele earrings are on the 7th row of hte Custom Catalogue and they look great.

May 24th:  Sterling silver pendants or rings are a nice gift for Fathers Day.  If you have a custom idea or a stone you would like set into a ring let us know asap.  Otherwise we have over 2 dozen pendants ready to ship right now.

May 19th:  The Three Oak Tree of Life ring in 7mm wide was a nice wedding set for a couple this month.  See the models on the 6th row of the Custom gallery.

May 17th: on the 6th row of the custom gallery is a close up of the thinnest Celtic Band we make, the Triquetra Triskele in white gold set with diamonds and is 4mm wide.

May 16th:  Posted a beautiful white gold wedding set which shipped to California.  It features a two tone Eternity Triskele and a 7 diamond wedding band.  See it on the 5th and 6th row of the custom gallery.

May 15th:  We designed a gold pendant for a client with her daughters name 'Petra" in both English and Arabic.  It finished very beautifully.  See it on the 5th row of the Custom Gallery.

May 9th: Posted a new ring to our Pinterest page.  1/2 carat Celtic Engagement ring.

May 7th: Big changes to our website are taking place.  It's an overhaul in a graphic sense.  The Custom Galleries of 2015 started with the clean modern look and now we've finally gotten to the main pages starting with the Finger Ring sizing page.  It will happen at a steady pace, there are over 500 pages on the site to update.

May 5th: When researching Celtic interlace it is interesting to note that the ribbon is usually a primary colour (Red, yellow or Blue) or rarely a secondary colour (Green).  Book of Kells, Book of Lindisfarne.

May 3rd: Recieved an order from Chicago today, shipped to England yesterday.  It's nice to be in demand and we appreciate your business.  Posted a new Blue Sapphire ring on pinterest.

May 2nd: Posted a 1/2 carat diamond engagement ring to the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.  It's the Celtic Rebecca Ring in 14K white gold.

April 27th:  It's been a few months since Jason has updated the Youtube page on drawing celtic knots, however there are over 8000 subscribers and 1.1million views!

April 26th: We must be having fun becasue this month has gone by so fast.  Wedding season is nearly upon us and we are finishing rings!  Posted a two tone gold Griffin and Dragon Ring to the 3rd row of the Custom gallery.

April 25th: Posted a lovely 1 ct oval blue sapphire set into a Dianne Loveknot on the 3rd row of the Custom gallery.  Light blue is a popular colour for sapphires at the moment.

April 19th: A Viking and Saxon hoard of Silver rings is on the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery.  There are a few more too.

April 18th: Ever wondered where your ring is made?  We make everything from the lead to gold (pencil to finished ring) right here in our London Ontario Store.  We introduced a 3d tour here.

April 17th: Posted a photo of a set of white gold rings one with a 1/4 carat diamond and the other with a 1/2 carat diamond.  They are on the 2nd Row of the Custom Gallery.

April 12th: We will be closed Easter Weekend Friday to Sunday and open Monday 10-5. Posted a 5 gemstone family ring on the Custom Gallery C.

 April 11th: Pinterest, our first direct sale from this site was yesterday.  Thanks!  Posted a new one today.  Please take a look.

April 10th:  What? April is a 1/3 over??Wedding season is upon us, as well as engagement season.  We just updated a new white gold Amphreville Triskele ring on our 3rd Custom Gallery of 2017.  It is nice ot be busy.

April 7th:  We're able to customize widths of rings with borders in order to fit comfortably with engagement rings.  Note the Muny Musk Set on row 8 of the custom catalogue.

April 6th:  A very nice and new Celtic engagement ring called Rebecca's Triskele is on the 8th row of the Custom Gallery set with a 1/2 carat diamond.

April 3rd:  A client of ours had a silver version of our Black's Celtic Cross and wanted us to make it taller, and in yellow gold.  We made her one which is nearly 2 inches tall!  Posted a photo on the 7th row of the Custom gallery.

March 28th: from one of our collectors a cuff we made of a Two Heart interlac in Solid Gold with an oval 3 ct Garnet and diamonds.  See it on pinterest here.

March 27th: A fine Green Garnet (Tsavorite) is set into a white gold Straice Dianne Loveknot on the Custom Gallery.  The colour of this stone rivals the finest emerald.  See it on row 7.

March 25th:  a pierced yellow gold Celtic Wolf triskele is on the Custom Catalogue 17B.

March 23rd: Posted a photo of a white and yellow gold wedding set.  One is Gaelic and one is a Claddagh both with Celtic Loveknots.  See it on the 6th row of the custom gallery.

March 20th:  Thank you Vancouver Celtic Fest for a great St.Patricks day 2017.  YOu are such a beautiful city.  Marc is at the London location has the store open from 10-5 each day.  Jason will be back Tuesday.

March 18th:  Vancouver! I am here with my rings for one more day, today!  My booth is at Robson and Howe downtown across from the Art Gallery. I'll be here until 6pm.  Vancouver Celtic Festival.

March 14th: so excited to be in Vancouver this Friday for St.Patricks day.  The Celtic Fest Vancouver is going to be sunny too!  Check out the Wolves in the Tree of Life ring on Pinterest.

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