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May 25th: That was a nice long weekend we just had.  Posted a photo of a 1/2 Carat Diamond engagement ring in a doulbe triskele mount on the row 5 of the Custom Gallery.  

May 20th: Shows where we will have a booth this summer are July 11th at the Georgetown highland games and Goderich Augh 5-7th.  See you there!

May 18th:  My wife introduced me to Pinterest when we we're planning our wedding.  It's very fun for ideas and inspiration!  Visit the Bellchamber Pinterest site or pin our images too.

May 17th: We are able to duplicate your items in precious metal.  So long as it is hard enough to create a mold from we can make in gold or silver.  See the Custom Catalogue C to see how we made a brass disc into a silver pendant on row 5.

May 16th: I can't believe it snowed here on the weekend.  At least it melted fast, summer is enroute!  Posted a set of yellow gold wolf rings on the Custom Gallery.

May 12th:  We made a solid gold cross this week and shipped it to Toronto.  Apparently it will be going to Chicago and finally England.  Its a small world we have.  See it on the latest custom gallery.

May 10th: When we help a client choose a gem, diamond or otherwise we offer a selection of at least 3. This helps demonstrate the range of values due to qualities.  No two gemstones are alike.

May 9th: Posted a photo of both the white gold and yellow gold models of the Dianne Loveknot ring to the gallery.  They each have holding diamonds making them engagement rings.

May 6th:  A new pendant designed called the Trí Ghealach loveknot set with and alexandrite is avaialbe on the Gallery.

May 3rd: Finally, we figured out how to make a link to the Google Reviews from our Testimonial page. Hopefully google won't go a changin it's template again.

April 28th: Finished a large Gold Anchor pendant.  It weighs just under half an ounce.  Photo is on the 2nd row of the custom catalogue C.

April 27th:  If you are considering a gemstone, we have 25 years experience at hand setting them into your ring as well as helping you select which is your best choice.  Updated some photos of tsavorites and blue sapphires to the gemstone gallery

April 26th: Updated the Custom Catalogue with a Custom claddagh and Gaelic Mo Anam Cara ring set.  Fixed many broken links today on the different custom galleries.  If you see any please do let us know.  I'm thinking of updating the site to a wordpress format within the year.

April 25th: If anyone is visiting our shop from the state of Wisconsin we consider Wisconsin Cheddar as currency.

April 21st: Posted some stacking Celtic Rings on the Custom Catalogue top row.

April 12th: Updated a new ring with a Viking interlace to the new gallery 2016C.

April 11th: We have had 2 platinum orders this month!  The latest is an Eternity Triskele with no borders 7mm wide.  It's on the final photo of row 8 on the Custom Gallery 16B.

April 10th:  Slowly but surely we will be changing to the updated format.  The top of each page will have a search engine bar and there are now shopping cart links when ordering or inquiring about a ring.

April 7th: We finished a half carat diamond engagement ring featuring the Double Triskele design on the shoulders and shank is on the last row of the Custom Gallery.

April 6th: Updated a photo of a new design, the Celtic Wolf Tree of Life ring to the last row of the Custom Gallery.

March 31st:  Posted a photo of the Highlander Triskele wedding set in white gold to the custom gallery row 7.

March 30th: Updated a photo of the Luckenbooth double heart and crown ring to row 6 of the custom gallery.

March 24th:  Have an excellent Easter weekend.  We will be closed Friday to Monday and reopen on Tuesday. Updated the Kingsmoor Rune Ring page.

March 23rd: It's charm week this week.  Posted photos of a set of earrings with a designer spiral triskelion on row 6 of the custom gallery.  

March 22nd.  Congratulations to Michael the production manager here.  He and his wife are the proud new parents of a baby girl!  Let's make this week charming.  Each day we will post a new earring and pendant set.  Today we posted a Forever Love Heart Triskele on the custom gallery.

March 21st: It's the 2nd day of spring today, thanks to the Leap year.  Posted a photo of a gorgeous yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life wedding band set to the 5th row of the Custom Gallery page.  

March 18th: Mjölnir is the name of Thor's Hammer, the Viking hero god.  It was a popular amulet 1000 years ago and we hand make a few different versions.  A new one is on the 3rd row of the custom gallery featuring a Celtic Triskele.

March 17th: Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Our Claddagh sale ends tonight.  Email us if you are interested.  Jason returned from the Vancouver Celtic Festival last weekend which had close to 20,000 people attend.

March 17th: 4000 year old burial in Belfast contains bones which are older than Celts.

March 10: This weekend Jason has a booth in Vancouver's Celtic Festival on Granville st.  Praying for sun!

It's the March 9th: Posted Ladies and Men's Claddagh bands on the 4th row of the custom page.  They range in ring size from 6mm wide to 10mm wide.

March 7th: Joan of Arcs ring has been reunited with France after 600 years.  The ring sold at auction recently for half of a million dollars.  Silver rings certianly can appreciate in value, get yours today.

March 7th:  On the 3rd row of the custom gallery we have posted a photo of our 12th of 24 Gold Thors Hammers, traditionally known as a Mjölnir.  

March 6th: Viking and Saxon humour is eternal is seems.  There where skeptics when it came to what the ancient amulets shaped like a hammer really represented.  It's definite now.  One was found in 2014 with the words "This is a hammer" engraved in runes.  

March 4th: Posted a Green man set of rings to the Custom Gallery.  One is green enameled and the other is dark antiqued.

March 3rd: Getting excited for the Vancouver Celtic Festival.  Also posted a new Kells Triskele ring in yellow gold to the 2nd row of the custom gallery.

March 2nd:  Posted a nice mens wedding ring in white gold on the Custom Gallery.  It features a tightly woven Eternity Triskele Design.

March 1st: Started the 2nd page for our custom Gallery of 2016 with a white Three Oak Tree of Life Ring wedding set.

Feb 29th:  I know it's a Monday, but this particular happens every 4 years!  Happy Leap Year!  We posted a photo of a 7mm Lovebird Tree Triskele ring to the last row of the Custom gallery 2016A.

Feb 26th: Vancouver Celtic Festival 2016 will have a Bellchamber booth showcasing rings.  Come out and meet Jason.  Our Festival Schedule has a list of shows for the year, otherwise you can find us at the store.

Feb 25th: You could save 50% off to 37% off our prices if you are looking for a quote and you are outside of Canada.  International currencies are very strong right now compared to the Canadian dollar.  We ship worldwide by Fedex or International expresspost.

Feb 22nd:  Claddagh Rings are on special until St. Patricks day, 17% off gold!  Posted a 360 video of a white gold traditional claddagh to the bottom row of the custom gallery.

Feb. 21st:  Added a photo of a Sprial pendant and earring set in white to the  7th row of the Custom Gallery 16A.

Feb 18th: Our St. Patricks day Claddagh sale is going strong.  If you are interested in a Claddagh please email us.  Posted a new custom Celtic pendant with birthstones to the 7th row of the Custom Gallery 16A.

Feb 17th:  Updated a new Two Tone Claddagh with Rose gold heart as our feature ring on the index page. Our Traditional Gold Claddagh rings are on special for 17% off until St.Patricks day, March 17th.

Feb 16th: right now Jason's Youtube page on drawing Celtic patterns is at 900,000 views!  In about 3 months it should be at 1 Million!  We're very happy about that and will be hosting a Million Views Party soon. Where do you think it should be?  We made an info store on Wedding Wire.  You can rate us there too.

Feb 15th:  It's a statutory Holiday in Ontario and our store is closed today.  We will be open Tuesday.

Feb 13th: It's a breakthrough for us!  We just found out how to put animated 360 degree gif on our site.

Feb 12th: Only two days left in our winter sale.  Until the 14th of Feb save 14% on Custom Gold orders and more on silver.  Posted a new Celtic Heart youtube video.  Also, we are posting 360 videos of our fine jewellery our first one is here of a double triskele.

Feb 11th:  We had a snow day today where over half a meter fell in a day on the city of London ON.  It shut down busses and a large portion of the city so we were not open for the full day.  We will be back open for regular hours Friday the 12th.

Feb 10th: Posted a How to Draw Celtic patterns video with a Valentines day heart made of Celtic interlace on youtube.

Feb 9th:  We finally added a site search bar on the side column under the Youtube button.  We are very happy about that.

Feb 8th: There are 6 days left in our sale!  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Or call.  We set a 1.25ct diamond into a modern Celtic mount on the new gallery.  Please have a look.

Feb. 1st: Can you believe it's already February?  That means Valentines day is less than 2 weeks away.  A lovely gift is on sale now.  See our stock items or if you are thinking about wedding rings or diamond rings they are 14% off too.

Jan 30th:  Yes we are having a sale!  Until Feb 14th 2016.   All Gold Rings are 14% off.  Custom Gold Ring Orders Save 14%.  All of our stock silver rings are $140 CAD ~ $100 USD.  www.xe.com to check the exchange rates.

Jan 25th: Posted a photo of an elegant Celtic Knot on row 5 of the custom gallery scroll.  It's has a neverending knot from the book of Dimma.

 Jan 21st:  Thank you for the January orders.  Good news!  If you are ordering from outside of Canada our prices have lowered almost 30% because of fluctuations in our dollar.  And if you are ordering within Canada prices have remained the same or have also lowered due to the price of gold in Canadian dollars going down over the last year.  

Jan 19th:  Finished a pair of pierced Celtic earrings for a sweethearts gift.  A photo of them is on the Custom Gallery row 5.

Jan 18th: Our first sterling silver ring halmarked this year is a Duro Bat ring.  The photograph of it is on the row 4 of the custom gallery.

Jan 12th: The Custom Claddagh ring is now available in 7mm and 9mm.  The 9mm model is on the latest Custom Gallery.

Jan. 11th: We made a family seal with the Richmond crest for a client.  The finsihed item is on row 3 of the Custom Gallery 16A.

Jan. 7th: Our Clients wished to share their joy posing with rings we made them.

Jan 6th: Updated photos of a wedding set of gold Mo Anam Cara Rings to the Custom Gallery.

Jan 5th.  Started the new gallery catalogue for 2016.  It will feature our custom work which we pride ourselves. Our first item is a yellow gold Three Oak Triskele ring.  Finished the 2015H Custom Gallery with a two tone claddagh ring.

Jan. 4th 2016: Happy New Years!  The store is open regular hours.  Please visit if you are able.  January is Jewellery Repair month!  To start things off we posted a video to youtube of a final video segment on drawing Celtic Knots.

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