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Tree of Life wedding ring in two tone gold

Handcrafted Celtic Rings & Custom Jewellery.
Exclusively in Platinum, Gold or Silver.


Nov. 26th: We started a new gallery of custom work with a photo of a custom Griffin Pendant in yellow gold on row 1.

Nov. 25th: Posted a photo of a silver skullband set to the 7th row of custom gallery G.  This gallery is now full and Gallery H will be coming soon.

Nov. 24th:  Christmas order are coming in! If you would like guaranteed delivery by Xmas please order by the 1st of Dec. 2015.

Nov. 21st.  Posted the final video in a series on how to draw Celtic Patterns, the pattern is from a Pictish stone Interlace in Meigle Scotland.

Nov. 19th: Added a photo of to row 8 of the Custom gallery of a Family Signet ring featuring a Wittich Family crest.

Nov. 17th: A hand pierced yellow gold Giron Pentacle ring is on the 7th row of the Custom Gallery.

Nov. 16th:  Posted a photo of a Silver Mo Anam Cara wedding rings to row 5 of the Custom Gallery.

Nov. 15th: Updated the Engagement rings gallery B.  There are 2 pages now.

Nov. 14th: We set a 2.5 ct Canadian diamond into a custom white gold ring on the Custom Gallery row 6.  It is a huge stone and the ring has 16 smaller diamonds to compliment it.

Nov. 13th:  Posted a penultimate video on a youtube series on drawing Celtic patterns.  It deals with making an interlace based on the pattern found on an Adder skin.

Nov. 12th: A bezel set diamond in a pierced white Celtic Cross is on row 5 of the Custom Gallery.

Nov. 11th: Updated a photo of finished Ancient spiral Triskele.  It is set with 4 birthstones.  It's on row 3 of the gallery.

Nov. 10th:  Posted a photo of a gold Celtic wolfhound ring on row 4 of the Custom Gallery G.  Also good news!  Our 2015 Christmas Sale of Silver and Gold stock is about to launch.  Items are going to be prices from 10 years age.  Keep tuned by weeks end.

Nov 9th:  Christmas feels far away because it's warm out.  Be prepared though, we've warmed up to the idea of extending our deadlines.  Full Custon Christmas ring must be ordered by the 13th of Nov.  Models of rings or pendants in a custom size must be ordered by the last week of Nov for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Nov. 8th: Uploaded another How to draw Celtic Pattern video's on Youtube.  It's the 3rd of 5 in a series on a Pictsh interlace from an Adder skin.

Nov. 7th:  At Bellchambers we like to make jewellery that will be treasured.  Making work in precious metal like gold is a privalege.  Setting diamonds is also one of our fortes.  Please look at the 2 inch gold dragon pendant on row 2 of the Custom Gallery.  It left us and flew to Florida.

Nov 6th: We have been finishing some large work lately!  Posted a photo of an newly made gold Slovak Interlace pendant on row 1 of the custom gallery G.  It is hand pierced and set with large diamonds and and opal.  Truly and herloom piece.

Nov 5th: A limited edition Celtic Heart knot in sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold are available now.  The newest models are posted on the top row of Custom gallery G.

Nov 4th: Updated a new video on the constructin of drawing a Celtic Serpent design from an 8th century Pictish stone.

Nov. 2nd: Updated the Custom Gallery F with a white gold wedding set of a Tree of Life ring set with a diamond, photo on row 8 at the bottom.  

Oct. 14th: The last 2 months have been the most productive in terms of ring production in the last several years.  We hand set each stone in our store in London ON.  A 3 ring wedding set is on the 7th row of the Custom Gallery.  It includes a Dianne Loveknot and 2 diamond eternity bands.

Oct. 13th:  It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  Now we are on to finishing and taking Christmas orders and Custom orders for years end.  On the 6th row of the Custom Gallery posted a photo of a yellow gold custom claddagh set with 8 small diamonds.

Oct 8th: If you would like to place and order currently our workload is at 4-5 weeks production time, full custom orders ad 3-4 weeks to this time.  After Nov. 1st we can no longer guarantee full Custom orders for Christmas.  Posted a new ring set in gold and white called the Perfect Triskele on row 3 of the Custom Gallery.

Oct 7th: A custom white gold wedding set with a locking wedding ring and Dianne Loveknot on the row 5 of the Custom Gallery F.

Oct 5th:  We sent a Custom Slavic Oak Tree of Life ring in Green gold is on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery F.

Oct. 2nd: Posted a wedding set in white of a Loverune ring and a Blue Violet Sapphire ring set into a Dianne Loveknot.  It's in the 3rd row of  of the Custom Gallery F.

Oct. 1st:  Bellchamber Rings was commissioned to recreate a clients 3 birthstone family ring in gold with an old style of setting called a star bead.  It's photo is on the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery F.

Sept 30th: Just over 2.5 months until Christmas!  Posted a photo of a white gold Colophon Loveknot ring set with a Garnet on the new custom gallery.

Sept 28th:  A client wanted us to reset some diamonds she inherited as a momento.  We handmade her a bezel setting for the 3/4 carat diamond and hand set the smaller stones into earrings.  Photo on our new Custom Gallery 2015F.

Sept 25th:  Posted a custom modification for a clients wedding ring as the last photo to Gallery 2015 E.  It has a Green Sapphire oval brilliant with triskeles flanking it.

Sept 24th: Yes, we have taken 2 Christmas orders this week.  If you are hoping for a custom design our cut off date for holiday orders is the first week of November.  Only 14 fridays until Christmas!

Sept 17th:  The penultimate photo on the Custom Gallery E has a new designer ring, The Welsh Dragon Tree of Life.

Sept 15th: Hand engraving takes years to master and is as old or older than gold smithing.  Posted photos of custom engraved McIntosh Family crest rings to the gallery.

Sept 14th: Updated a photo of an antiqued white Thistle ring with a Dimma interlace going around it's shank to the Custom Gallery E.

Sept 10th: Made a correction on the Lion Ring page and added a new photo.

Sept 9th: A raised yellow gold border on white ring was posted with an ancient Celtic spiral motif on the Custom Gallery.  It's called the Besterd Spiral ring.

Sept 8th:  Jason was only exhibiting at one show this year, the Goderich Celtic Festival.  We are concentrating on updating our store in London Ontario and our website.  If you know of any shows to recommend please do email us.

We've Sept 7th: Opals are very pretty stones, they are also delicate and must be cared for.  ON the Custom Gallery is a white gold thin Dianne Loveknot R311 with a Blue Green Opal set into it.   

August 26: This summer is going by quick.  Savour every moment.  Updated a new model of Dianne Loveknot R311 to the webpage and posted a dainty whitegold triskele ring with a green sapphire on the Custom gallery

August 12th: Posted photos of Custom Celtic Moon Rings in two tone gold, as well as a Euro Robin Tree of Life wedding ring set.

August 6th: This weekend please visit our booth at the Goderich Celtic Festival.  Jason will be teaching free drawing classes on Celtic Interlace.

August 5th: Posted a two tone gold Lion pendant to the Custom design scroll.

July 9th: A custom finished Traditional Claddagh with a Straice Dianne Loveknot as the shank is posted in the Custom Gallery 2015E.  Finished in 14K white gold.

July 7th:  Posted a new style of Celtic Muny Musk ring with a border on the Custom Gallery page.  It finishes at 6mm wide and has crisp detail.

ItJune 29th: Updated a Photo of a yellow gold Gents Celtic Ring called the Straice Dianne Loveknot.

June 26th:  A Dianne Loveknot wedding set with diamonds marks the first phot of Custom Gallery 2015E.

June 25th: Bloodstone cabochons were set into a matching wood textured ring at last photo of Gallery 2015D.

June 23rd: Our Youtube page on drawing Celtic Patterns has 5800 subscribers and is nearly 750,000 views!!  Thank you very much!!

June 22nd:  Happy Summer! Happy Fathers day!  Posted a photo of a 6.5mm custom Chain Ring to the Gallery.

June 19th: Posted photos of a Dianne Loveknot ring wedding set and a custom Registered Nusre pendant.

June 18th: A truly unique handmade Claddagh with 15mm wide gold hammered sleeve set with over 1 ct of Tanzanites was finished and picked up this week.

June 17th:  Added some photos of traditional Half Round Silver wedding rings to the custom scroll.

June 16th:  Our YouTube Page is clising in on 5800 Subscribers and 750,000 views.  This is a huge milestone, thank you very much!

June 15th: Rampart Lion pendants in Gold and Silver have been post on the 2015D Custom Gallery.

June 14th: New Ring page Posted! The Stráice Dianne Loveknot a non-tapering version of the Dianne Loveknot ring

June 12th:  Updated a new Youtube video segment on drawing a Viking Interlace similar to the Muny Musk Triskele ring

June 10th: Finished a Diamond Claddagh ring with a Celtic loveknot on the shank and a modern raised setting between the hands.

June 9th: A new Ancient Amphreville Triskele ring with a thinner taper was made in gold.  It's photo is on the Custom Gallery 2015D.

June 8th:  Posted a photo of a Platinum bordered Three Oak Tree of Life ring.  Also a 5mm wide pierced white gold tree of Life ring completes the wedding set.

June 7th: Updated the 2015A custom gallery.

June 6th:  Uploaded a new video on Drawing Viking interlace patterns to Youtube.

June 4th: Posted photos of Rose gold Celtic Tree of Life rings and a white gold modern Eternity Triskele wedding band.

June 3rd: Set a purple sapphire into a Dianne Loveknot ring.  Purple sapphire is a very strong stone compared to tanzanite and is better for rings.  Tanzanite is a gemstone better suited for pendants or earrings.

June 2nd.  Summer is so close!  Updates include the layout of the Earring gallery as well as a new Bailey Triskele earring set.

June 1st: Started a new Custom Gallery 2015D.

May 25th:  Updated a new video series on how to draw Viking interlace patterns to Youtube.

May 11th:  Updated some links on the 2007 custom gallery and the Ancient Sword Spiral ring page.

April 28th:  Updated the custom gallery 15C with a new gold ring in the style of ancient Roman Engagement rings called the Bona Fides Ring.

April 13th:  We made a size 15 Hall Triskele ring on the Custom Gallery 2015 C.  A ring bigger than a size 14 should be a bit thicker in the shank.

April 7th: Updated the FAQ page.

April 6th:  Posted georgeous photos of a full Dianne Loveknot ring in white gold with a bezel set purple sapphire.  One has solid and the other is has pierced interlace on the ring.

April 5th:  The Easter Holiday weekend is a big time to visit family here in Canada.  We will be closed Easter Monday and will reopend for regular hours on Tuesday teh 7th.  Thank you!

April 1st:  Updated the Shiela na Gig earring page.

March 27th: Posted a photo of a Viking Interlace ring, a finished Crescent Triskele pendant and a photo of a group of 3 friends who bought Family tree rings to the Custom Gallery.

March 26th: Updated a photo of a Dianne Loveknot engagement ring with a custom fit wedding band to the bottom of it's webpage.

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