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Sale includes, diamond, gold or silver jewellery, watches and pens. 

Our Store is also our workshop.  All items are handmade here.

Jewellery Repair done in our shop

WHATS NEW:  -Free Shipping on Orders-

December 12th: All in store stock is still on sale 20% off until xmas eve. Includes all Gold, Silver and gemstone jewellery.  Call to inquire if you have a favorite piece.

December 11th: Posted a Celtic Dianne Loveknot with a 8x6mm Peridot to the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery.

Dec. 10th: Posted the final Youtube video on How to draw a Celtic wolf.

Dec. 3rd:  Posted a photo of a forged Antler ring in sterling silver on the Custom gallery 18D.

Dec 1st:  Thank you to everyone who made it to our Customer Day!  Do you wish to order one of our rings or pendants? FYI we are guaranteeing Xmas delivery for Rings or pendants up until Friday Dec7th.

 Nov 21st: White gold Claddagh wedding rings each set with a small stone are on the first page of Custom Gallery D for this year.

November 19th: Our Customer appreciation day is going to be Saturday Dec 1st.  Please join us!

November 16th:  Posted a 1.5 carat diamond ring we set into a modern half bezel.  See it on the bottom of the Custom Gallery C.

November 15th:  Updated the custom gallery with an example of our inside ring engraving.  It's pictured on the last row of the custom gallery C.

November 12th:  We have been very busy!  I broke my foot in September and was off for a couple of weeks.  We have had a busy fall.  Xmas orders are rolling in, the last day for ring or pendant gift orders is Dec 1.  The last day for xmas ready custom designs or gem setting gift orders is Friday Nov. 16.  You are welcome anytime to come in and look at our stock items up until Dec 24th at noon.

September 14th:  Uploaded a new youtube video series on Drawing Celtic Patterns.  This one is about drawing a Viking pattern called a 'Ring Link'.  I am very happy to update the youtube videos.  I'm almost at 10,000 subscribers and over 1.3 millon views.

September 13th. We're back, back updating that is.  August and September have been very busy.  Thank you!  Please see the Straice Loveknot ring we made using our clients gold.  Is on the 7th row of the Custom Gallery.

July 31st.  Jason is teaching a Silversmithing course for beginners at the Goderich Celtic Festival next Monday.  A Thors Hammer and simple silver ring are the highlights.  Hope to see you there.  Also update a solid Gold Thor's Hammer to the Custom Gallery on the 7th row.

July 20th: We can use your gold to make new designs.  On the 6th row of the Custom Gallery is a Celtic Cross Charm set with the clients diamond in the center.

July 16th: July has been quite a busy wedding season!  So much so that our dialy updates have been sparce.  Today though we found a ring from the past which we han't posted before.   It's a Celtic Thistle ring in White gold with a yellow gold bezel and an exotic sized 3.5 carat Ruby.  See it on Row 4 and 5 of the Custom Gallery.

June 29th:  Jason will be teaching a silversmithing course at the Goderich Celtic College is August 6-10.  The Festival where our booth will be is on the weekend of August 10-12th.  The Home County FolkFest is the weekend of July 20-22nd.  Both shows are gems!  All details of upcoming shows are on our festival tour page.

June 25th:  Wedding season has been full force this month since mid-May.  Thank you for so many custom orders!  We are nearly into July and August where we will have an artisan booth at the Home County Folk Festival here in London and the Goderich Celtic Festival where Jason will teach 4 silver-smithing courses at the week long college.  The last show will be the Forest City Comicon.

June 5th: Updated a 360 degree video of a two tone Griffin and Dragon Ring to it's web page.

June 2nd:  We are open regluar hours this week.  Jason is in London UK on a research tour of Saxon and Celtic artefacts.  If you have time to meet up please email us.  Thank you.

May 20th:  Next Saturday the 27th of May we will be having an instore Customer Appreciation day.   Please book it off we will be open 10-2 and will have free jewellery care workshops, a drawing instruction and a super special on custom orders!

May 17th:  We are celebrating Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and will be closed Saturday to Monday.  See you on Tuesday after the Long Weekend.

May 16th:  Pre wedding season is upon us.  If you have a deadline for a wedding ring, contact us immediately.  Also, Jason is going to London England for a week of research on May 30th.  If you would like to meet up for a free Celtic Drawing lesson or otherwise please email us.

May 3rd:  Posted some wide medieval tree of life rings on the Custom Gallery.  They are an unantiqued white silver.

April 30th:  See our booth at the Chatham Pop Fan expo 2018.  There was an audience of nearly 2000 people.

April 27th:  On Saturday the 28th Marc and Jason wil have a booth of rings at the Chatham Pop Fan expo.  Come see us!!  It's our first festival show of the year.

April 25th: Custom designs are our specialty.  We made a Rhino Veterinary pendant for a client and set a ruby into the front.  It's on the 3rd row of the gallery.

April 24th:  A platinum and yellow gold wedding ring set is on the 2nd row of the Newest Custom gallery 18C.  Both incorporate different Tree of Life designs and each have a melee diamond from the clients own collection.

April 23rd: A yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life earring and pendant set is on the 2nd row of the Gallery.  Each with blue sapphries.

April 18th:  A very thick Yellow Gold Hammered ring is on the top row of the Custom Gallery 18C. 

April 17th: Square stones in bezel settings take a lot of practice to do.  Jason set princess cut diamonds and purple amythests into a pair of one of a kind rings at the top of the new Custom Gallery 18C.  They look like Royal Medieval rings.

April 16th: Posted a pair of Claddagh earrings to the last row of the Custom Gallery 2018 B.  These ones are stud style.

April 10th:  Updated a two tone rose gold wedding ring set to the 8th row of the Custom Gallery.  The Dimma Triskele ring is a classic Celtic motif from 8th century Ireland.

April 9th: Blue Sapphires are always regal looking.  We set a clients oval sapphires into 2 white gold lever back settings on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery.

April 4th: We set a 1 ct Oval Blue sapphire into a modern 6 claw setting for a client.  See the photo on the custom gallery 2018B.

April 3rd: After a repair, watch accuracy for automatic or quartz time-pieces is measured in our store with Toolwatch.  The link is on the right column below.

March 26th:  Posted a pendant design called the Marybel Triskele on the Custom Page 18B.  It is set with the clients Opal and original engagement diamond.

March 21st:  The first full day of Spring 2018 has opened a new door.  We are finally updating ring pages with a new format.  Click here to see the Nouveau Triskele ring page.

March 15th: Another in our exotic sized gemstones available now is a a 14K Gold Moores Loveknot with a top grade 1.1 carat Tanzanite.  See it on the 5th row of the custom gallery.  

March 14th:  Gemstone and Diamond Setting service is done in our store.  Jason set a 1.4 carat diamond into a modern pendant on row 5 of the Custom Gallery 2018 B.

 March 7th: The mirror site of ours on google is viewable with a mobile version.  We post to it regularly with the same photos on this site as well.

  March 1st: We just reached 25 x Five Star reviews on Google.  Thank you very much to our clients for the business.  Today we are the highest rated 5 star jewellery store in town.

  February 26th: We only make Hammered texture rings on Thursdays using our antique goldsmith hammers.   A new Ivy ring with a hammered finish is on the custom gallery.  See it on row 4.

February 23rd.  Posted a Green Garnet or Tsavorite to the new custom gallery page on row 3.

February 22nd:  We update the pages ourselves.  We finally made a new standard page layout.  See the new Raven Triskele pendant homepage.

February 19th: Updated the Custom Gallery 18b with a white silver Raven Triskele Pendant.

February 17th: A +50 carat gemstone in a 4 claw setting is on the 2nd row of the custom gallery.   When you see it keep in mind the ring it is set on is a wide 1/2 inch Celtic design called the Amphreville Triskele.

February 15th: Exotic gemstones are very rare and valuable.  Finding a goldsmith to set one is actually even more rare.  See the 1.25 carat Blue Sapphire on the top row of the new Custom page hand-set by Jason.

February 1st: Posted a set of 3 custom crosses on the 8th row of the custom gallery.  These are called Red's Crosses.

January 29th:  All gemsetting is done in the shop by Jason.  A 5 diamond ring is on the 8th row of the custom gallery.

January 24th: A ruby is set into the centre of a rose gold heart and crown Claddagh ring.  See it on the 5th row of the custom gallery.

January 20th:  Gold ingots are the first step in producing a gold coloured ring.  It is a solid bar of gold made from melting fine gold and a other metals together.  See row 7 of the custom gallery.

January 18th: A triangular sapphire is set with diamonds in a yellow gold Crescent Triskele on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery 18A.

January 17th: Turning Lead to Gold is something we can do at Bellchambers.  The process is on the 5th row of the Custom Gallery 2018A.

January 15th:  A new Celtic Cross called the Celtic Revival Cross is on the 4th row of the current custom gallery.

January 14th:  The cold wont slow us down.  We are updating the back Custom Galleries so that the link to other years is clear.  Before 2011 the gallery pages were very long scrolls.  Thats they way its was.  New gallery pages have a template though.

January 12th:  The Celtic Key Pattern wedding set with Green Sapphires is on the 3rd row of Custom Gallery A.  See them on the couples hands.

January 11th: The traditional Claddagh ring looks very good when a 3mm emerald is set into it.  It looks like the heart holds an emerald.  See one on the row 4 of the Custom Gallery.

January 10th:  Update the Custom Gallery A with a 2 ct diamond ring in a 6 claw Cartier style setting.

January 8th:  Snow is here for good, or at least the season.  Posted a wedding ring called the Highlander Thistle on the 2nd row fo the 2018A Custom Gallery.

January 5th: Updated the Custom Gallery with a yellow gold Initial Charm with a birthstone.

January 3rd 2018:  Happy New Years.  We wish you the best in 2018!  Updated The Custom Gallery with a Diamond Heart Claddagh!  Just a reminder that we do all repairs and ring sizing in our store.  When you come to speak with us about your jewellery we are the ones doing the work for you!

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1.5 carat diamond in White Gold Dianne Loveknot ring 

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