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Claddagh with Rose Gold Heart on White.

Rose Gold Heart & Crown Claddagh $325 CAD ~  $249 USD


Bellchamber Kissing Booth


March 27th: A fine Green Garnet (Tsavorite) is set into a white gold Straice Dianne Loveknot on the Custom Gallery.  The colour of this stone rivals the finest emerald.  See it on row 7.

March 25th:  a pierced yellow gold Celtic Wolf triskele is on the Custom Catalogue 17B.

March 23rd: Posted a photo of a white and yellow gold wedding set.  One is Gaelic and one is a Claddagh both with Celtic Loveknots.  See it on the 6th row of the custom gallery.

March 20th:  Thank you Vancouver Celtic Fest for a great St.Patricks day 2017.  YOu are such a beautiful city.  Marc is at the London location has the store open from 10-5 each day.  Jason will be back Tuesday.

March 18th:  Vancouver! I am here with my rings for one more day, today!  My booth is at Robson and Howe downtown across from the Art Gallery. I'll be here until 6pm.  Vancouver Celtic Festival.

March 14th: so excited to be in Vancouver this Friday for St.Patricks day.  The Celtic Fest Vancouver is going to be sunny too!  Check out the Wolves in the Tree of Life ring on Pinterest.

March 13th:  The red malpe leaf engagement ring in white gold set with a 1ct diamond is up on the pinterest page in a close up picture.

March 12th: Posted a yellow gold Tree of Life pendant with diamonds on the pinterest pendant page.

March 10th: Next week on Friday (aka St.Patricks day) and Saturday Jason will have a booth at the Celtic Market portion of CelticFest Vancouver.  Come visit!

March 9th: posted the Greenman rings on Pinterest.  Pinterest is a crazy maze of inspiration.  I just can't stop looking at artefacts.

March 8th: posted a photo of ring where we revitalized a cleitns engagment ring.  We took her diamond basket setting and mounted it on one of our Doulbe Triskeles.  See it on the 9th row of the Gemstone Gallery B.

March 7th: Updated the Greenman Ring page with a new 6.5mm wide version as well as a photo of the set on the Custom Catalogue page.

March 6th: Updated the Custom Catalogue page with a gold and silver ring set of the Odin and Sleipnir rings.

March 4th: Updated a viking Sleipnir ring to Pinterest.

March 2nd: Posted a photo of both a yellow gold and a antiqued silver Raven Triskele ring on the 4th row of the Custom GalleryB.

March 1st: Updated the Raven Triskele Ring page.

Feb. 28th: Did another Pinterest post of a White gold Celtic wedding ring set.  This one with a green diamond and 7mm wolfhound ring.

Feb. 27th: One more day in February left! Using a clients blue oval sapphire, we set it into a white gold bezel and 1/2 inch wide wolfhound ring in antiqued silver.  See it on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.

Feb 25th: Updated photos of a blue star sapphire ring to the Pinterest page.  

Feb. 24th: The narrowest, thinnest, daintiest ring we have ever made is on the 3rd row of Custom Gallery B.  It's a Triquetra Triskele ring in 14K White gold and it's only 2mm wide!

Feb. 23rd: We can use family gold in rings. Posted a green 1ct sapphire ring and a light blue sapphire ring onto the custom gallery 17b which both used recycled yellow and white gold material.  Our client from the USA wanted us to use her familys gold jewellery to make new rings.  Yellow gold is very easy to use over as long as you add new gold material to it.  

Feb. 22nd: A white gold wolfhound wedding set is on the 2nd row of the custom gallery 17B.  Please take a look.

Feb 21st:  Posted another Ring on Pinerest.  Can get stuck on that site for hours.

Feb. 20th:  Happy Family day.  It is a statutory holiday here in our province of Ontario.  We will be closed today and reopen on Tuesday.

Feb. 17th:  Rings, because they are worn on the finger and continually seen by the wearer, invoke memories.  Like your favorite music, it sparks a good feeling.  No matter what they are made of, they are charged with positive vibes and are worn simply to remind us of happiness.  Posted a simple trillium cut diamond engagement ring on the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery 17B.

Feb. 16th: posted a Yellow Gold Wolfhound ring to the 2nd Custom Gallery, we set a diamond on it which was supplied by the client.

Feb. 13th: Valentines Day is tomorrow.  To celebrate we have a free Kissing Booth in store only and we have a special on our Rose Heart Gold Claddaghs, they are $325 CAD including tax.

 Feb 9th: Posted a new pic of a Rose Gold Claddagh wedding set to the last row of the Custom Gallery.

Feb. 8th: Posted a customized Three Oak Tree of Life ring on the last row of the Custom Gallery.  It has an speciallized antique finish and 3 diamonds in it.

Feb. 7th:  Do you like Pinterest, we do and post to it regularly.  I'm discovering that it is the new inspiration site for ladies.  If your sweetie just forwarded you photos of rings she likes from Pinterest, forward them to me for a free estimate.  

Feb 6th: The Four wolfhound ring set in white gold was shipped to New Zealand for a client.  Photos of the rings are on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery.

Feb. 2nd: Posted versions of the Medieval Tree of Life ring in both white and yellow gold.  They are side by side for colour comparison on the 6th row of the custom gallery 17a.

Feb. 1st: Valentines day is here in less than 2 weeks.  If you're a planner please take a look at our etsy stock store.  We added a Double Love Heart pendant set.

Jan 31st: whoa, this month is done! We updated the Etsy store with another in stock pendant.  A new Thors Hammer.

Jan. 30th: Set up our Etsy store which will feature our in stock ready to ship items.  Please visit it.  Updated a photo of a custom Claymore Kilt Pin to the 6th row of the custom Gallery.  This one is engraved with the Chisholm motto.

Jan: 24th: Special for Valentines day.  We have 3 Heart and Crown Claddaghs in Rose gold and Silver available for $350 including North America Delivery.  Regularly these are $395 before delivery.  See the Claddagh page for details.

Jan. 23rd: Regular cleaning and jewellery inspection will keep your custom piece's looking brand new.   Posted a photo of a 4 years old custom pendant we just cleaned.  It is a yellow gold Crescent Triskele set with a pear shaped 1.8ct blue sapphire and diamonds to the 5th row of our custom gallery.

Jan 20th:  Robbie Burns day is coming up in a few days.  Whisky tasting and Haggis tatties and neeps will be a thing with your friends of Scottish ilk. See our store window display above.

Jan. 19th:  Posted a Claddagh Wedding set done in a new technique of two tone gold.  The Claddagh are white gold and the shank are yellow gold. Featured on row 5 of the Custom gallery 17A.

Jan 18th:  Posted a sterling silver Griffin and Dragon to illustrate the antiqued look of silver to the custom gallery.

Jan 17th: Posted a new 360° video of a Griffin and Dragon ring with white gold and raised yellow borders.  It's on the 4th row of the Gallery.

Jan. 13th: The flush borders on our rings can be finished thinner depending on your taste.  Posted an example of a Medieval tree of life ring with regular and one with thinner bordres on the 3rd row of the Custom Gallery.

Jan. 12th: A gorgeous Blue Sapphire with accent diamonds is set into a custom interlace ring.  See it on the 3rd row of custom gallery 17A.

Jan. 11th: Posted another video this time a fast motion edit of an early Celtic Interlace called a double heart triskele.

Jan. 6th: Posted a photo of a Medeival Tree Triskele ring with raised gold borders to the custom gallery.

Jan. 5th: 'Prices, prices... where are they on your site?'  Excellent question.  General prices are what are needed.  However, because we tailor make each ring like a fine suit, they are slightly different amounts of work and material.  A solution will present itself soon.  We promise.  

Jan 4th: We are working! Made our new page for the 2017 Custom Galleries.  Populated it with some Lion Rings. Just to let you know we're here today until 1pm.  Email is always open.

Jan 3rd: This week our hours will be 10-1pm today through to Friday.  Regular hours 10-5 begin again on the 9th of Jan.  Thanks!

Jan 1st 2016:  Happy New Year!  Good heavens 2016 is done.  Each year I learn something new, laugh at something new and love something new.  We will be open Tuesday Jan 3rd.  Take care.

 Dec 24th: Merry Christmas and Happy New year.  Happy Holidays to you and thank you very much for making our year successful.  We will be closed from Dec. 25th until Jan 3rd.  And Reopen Jan 4th.

Dec 21st: If you are interested we still have stock rings in certain sizes.  $195 including Fedex delivery in North America.  Pendants sets as well.


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