Battersea Shield Ring

Battersea Shield Ring

This design represents protection, luck, and the cycle of life.

The Battersea Shield is an artifact from Iron Age Britain. Dated to 350-50 BC, it was found in the river Thames at Battersea Bridge in London, England.

Although very simple looking, there is much meaning in the repetitions of the spirals and designs of the shield. The three circular bosses are symmetrical both vertically and horizontally, which makes them a variety of the Celtic cross. They represent the cycle of the year, the four directions, and the four elements. Since there are three of them, that lucky number means that it is a triskele as a whole as well. The Triskele represents the past, present and future.

The Battersea Sheild, 350-50 BC


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R87 – 10mm

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