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Jewellery Repairs

and services
Welding a jump ring

We use care to repair.

One of our goldsmiths must inspect your item in person before giving a quote for repair. Master goldsmith Jason Bellchamber has over 27 years experience in the repair trade. Most repairs can be done in less than 5 days. We repair jewellery made of gold, platinum or sterling silver jewellery.

 Many of our in-store services are below

Ring Sizing (gold or silver), weld + polish

  • Ring size down
  • Solder break in shank
  • Ring size up (1-3 sizes only) on 18K, 14K, or 10K gold or silver
    • can’t guarantee weld if rings less than 1mm thick
    • 10K white gold cannot be repaired
  • Quarter to half shanks (3.5 sizes or more)
  • Full shanks max 4mm (width of 6 sizes or more)

Ring Repairs inc. full polish

  • Straighten or round up
  • Solder head on ring
  • Solder two rings together
  • Solder three rings together

 Ring cleaning with stones

  • Ultrasonic clean and inspection (15 min, free)
  • Full polish and cleaning (1 hr)

 Chain repairs (weld & sonic)

  • Gold or silver solder
  • Gold solder rope chain
  • Gold solder ornate chain
  • Add 10K gold O-ring
  • Hollow chain weld (client risk)
  • Lead solder base/plated (client risk, no guarantee)
  • Laser weld
  • Platinum laser weld
  • Clasp replacement
    • Lobster claw (10K, 14K, or silver)
    • Spring ring in 10K or 14K gold or silver

Re-tipping diamond setting


Setting client stone, round

Engraving plate or flat item

Pearl or bead silk restringing


  • Permanent U ring guard
  • General appraisal
  • Gem lab appraisal cert


  • Rhodium plating
  • Casting client material & full polish

 Watch Adjustments

  • Watch bands
  • Watch batteries
  • Digital watches
  • Watch crystal and major repairs