Jewellery Repairs

and services

Repairs with Care

Master goldsmith Jason Bellchamber has over 27 years experience in the repair trade. Most repairs are completed in 5 or fewer days. We repair jewelry made of gold, platinum or sterling silver.

Items must be inspected in person by a Bellchamber goldsmith to provide a repair quote.

Ring Sizing

Gold or silver, weld + polish

  • Ring size down
  • Solder break in shank
  • Quarter to half shanks (3.5 sizes or more)
  • Full shanks max 4mm (width of 6 sizes or more)
  • Ring size up (1-3 sizes only) on 18K, 14K, or 10K gold or silver
    • can’t guarantee weld if rings less than 1mm thick
    • 10K white gold cannot be repaired

Ring Repairs

Includes full polish
Straighten or round up

  • Solder head on ring
  • Solder two rings together
  • Solder three rings together

Ring Cleaning

With stones 

  • Ultrasonic clean and inspection (15 min, free)
  • Full polish and cleaning (1 hr)

Chain Repairs

Weld + sonic

  • Gold or silver solder
  • Gold solder rope chain
  • Gold solder ornate chain
  • Add 10K gold O-ring
  • Hollow chain weld (client risk)
  • Lead solder base/plated (client risk, no guarantee)
  • Laser weld
  • Platinum laser weld
  • Clasp replacement
    • Lobster claw (10K, 14K, or silver)
    • Spring ring in 10K or 14K gold or silver


  • Permanent U ring guard
  • General appraisal
  • Gem lab appraisal cert
  • Re-tipping diamond setting

  • Re-claw

  • Setting client stone, round

  • Engraving plate or flat item

  • Pearl or bead silk restringing


  • Rhodium plating
  • Casting client material & full polish


  • Watch bands
  • Watch batteries
  • Digital watches
  • Watch crystal and major repairs


All jewelry repairs completed in-store


Same-day services available 

If shipping, please send via courier or insured expresspost. Contact us by email or telephone before shipping. Ask your shipper to provide delivery confirmation.

If you are shipping from outside Canada, be sure to mark the Customs Declaration “RETURN FOR WARRANTY REPAIR – MADE IN CANADA”

We strongly discourage UPS or DHL for international shipments.