Brentfordshire Celtic Spiral Pendant

Brentfordshire Celtic Spiral Pendant

This beautiful Celtic Sprial Triskele is from Iron Age Brentford UK. It was a fitting from a horses chariot. The Triskele is typically a Celtic motif and represents good luck, the past present and future.

The centre spirals are an abstract representation of horse heads or even stag heads. The Horse is a representation of the shift and strong. One should not get in front of a horse or get behind it. The horse is the steadfast friend of the true.

The featured image above is the Brentford Spiral Triskele, pierced, in yellow gold. It is 2.4cm in diameter.


In sterling silver, with antiquing in the recessed part of the spiral.


the Chariot fitting artifact with the spiral design. Thanks to Thomas Layton for procuring it for us in the 19th century.


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