Carndonagh Celtic Cross

Carndonagh Celtic Cross

The Carndonagh Cross is from an standing stone artifact found in the town of Carndonagh, which is in the Inishowen peninsula of Ireland. Some also refer to it as the Donagh High Cross.

Most historians date it to the 7th century and a few others date it to the 5th Century. The majority clearly state that it is a Christian cross, however the symbols on it are clearly pre-Christian. The Wheel Knot on the top of it is the Celtic Wheel of Life (representative of the 4 directions, 4 elements and the 4 seasons). The large figure in the centre is has two ravens beside his head, similar to motifs on artifacts found in the of Sutton Hoo burial. This would suggest that it is the Celtic Sun God Lugh. In Viking tradition Odin had two ravens as well Hugin and Munnin. Also at its feet are three figures, likely Gallic-Romano or Germanic-Romano “matonae” or “Mothers”, the three Norns (if in conjunction with Odin); or even interpreted as the tri-formed ‘Maiden Mother Crone’ goddess.

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