Claddagh with Dimma Loveknot Ring

Claddagh with Dimma Loveknot Ring

The Claddagh [klah-duhis an Irish Promise ring that dates back over 100 Years. There are many legends associated with it but all agree that it has three lucky meanings: faith, friendship, and love represented by the crown, hands and heart.

The knotwork carved on this ring is an early Celtic Knotwork pattern from the 8th Century AD artifact called the Book of Dimma. It is a loveknot of two souls intertwined from hand to hand.

“I crown my heart with faith, to give to you my love, in friendship.”


The loveknot on my custom claddagh is a from the Book of Dimma from the 700s. This image shows the knot at the opening of the Book of St. John.

I also make a ring with only the Dimma Loveknot (without the claddagh)


Catalog Info
R97 – Claddagh Dimma Loveknot 7mm
R98 – Claddagh Dimma Loveknot 10mm
Gold Colours include Yellow, Rose, White and Green

Each ring is handmade to order

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