Colophon Celtic Knot Ring

Colophon Celtic Knot Ring

The unique style of this ring is found only on the border knotwork from the ‘Colophon’ page of the Celtic Book of Durrow. Its double chain and twin knot pattern repeats itself every other step, symbolizing two halves of a whole. Male and female as one.

It is perfect for a wedding band or promise ring. The Book of Durrow is one of the earliest Celtic manuscripts in existence. It was produced in the early 6th Century A.D.

This ring looks good when the center rings are either pierced through or solid.

The ‘Colophon Celtic Knot’ is unique to the Book of Durrow



Catalog Info
R168-(7.5mm without borders)
R295-(9.5mm with flush borders)
R312 (10mm with flush borders)
R313 (12mm with flush borders)

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