Duro Bat Ring

Duro Bat Ring

The moon, the stars, and the night sky

Bats are found all over the world and are always associated with the moon, the stars, and the night sky.

Fu means good fortune in Chinese and the ideogram for Fu is a common symbol worn or displayed for good luck. A similar sound of Fu means bat, and bats are, therefore, considered lucky. Representations of bats are common and they are said to bring good fortune.

I was inspired to make a Celtic bat design using spiral designs as well as positive and negative space to suggest outstretched wings. Underneath each wing is a sleeping baby bat to symbolize family.

Hidden in the design are dots representing stars and a crescent moon.

The Bat was a totem animal which the Saxons (and likely the Celts) used as a Fetch (Saxon) to transform a seperable soul into.

I designed this piece for a friend in Chicago.

Silver Duro Bat Ring overtop of the initial sketches.


Catalogue Info:
R208 Duro Celtic Bat Ring in Gold


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