Eternity Triskele Ring

Eternity Triskele Ring

Above is the border of the Rosy Priory Celtic Cross Slab showing the unique interlace pattern of the Eternity Triskele. It is a 1400 year old Class 2 Celtic Cross.

The number 3 to the Celts represented eternity and the soul, It was also the most magical and lucky number. Celtic artifacts that incorporate patterns of three are referred to as Triskeles. The knotwork, typical of Celtic design, represented the journey of the soul through the continuum. This running triskele design is common on the borders of standing crosses and stones, as well as the ancient Celtic manuscripts of the La Tene period to the Golden age, 300 AD to 850 A.D. This Triskele design is unique to the Rossie-Priory Stone, a Pictish Artefact from the 7th century. This triskele pattern represents two souls as one, linked eternally.

Catalog Info
R101 – Eternity Triskele, 7mm
R71 – Eternity Triskele, 10mm
R70 – Eternity Triskele, 13.5mm

Raised 14K Gold borders are available at cost

The models below have a scalloped edge and no border:
R101N – Eternity Triskele, 4.5mm
R71N – Eternity Triskele, 6.5mm
R70N – Eternity Triskele, 10mm

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