Four Wolfhounds Ring

Four Wolfhounds Ring

The number 4 to the Celts was powerful in its representation of the four directions, the four elements, and the four seasons of the year. The wolfhound symbolizes strength, loyalty and intelligence. It is an excellent symbol of the family, since the wolf is known to live in packs.

This zoomorphic design is taken from the Book of Lindisfarne, circa 700 C.E., a manuscript produced during the golden age of Celtic art (7th-10th Cen C.E.).

Scan from the Book of Lindisfarne showing the wolfhound design. From the Book of Luke

On the ring there are male and female wolfhounds, one with whiskers one without, symbolizing male and female equality.

To the Celts, the Wolfhound was the only ferocious animal that man could tame yet remained strong, loyal and smart. The wolf provides a link between humanity and nature.


Catalog Info:
R86 – Wolfhound Ring (10mm wide)
R84 – Wolfhound Ring (13mm wide)
R387 – Wolfhound Ring (7mm wide)

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