Greenman Pendants

Greenman Pendants

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The Greenman is a motif that is found in Europe, Britain, Africa and Asia. Often it is depicted in medieval churches carved into the wood work or masonry. It is a masculine face with leaves sprouting from the eyes, nose and mouth of the face. Jack in the Green is another name for him. It is the male aspect of nature: strength, endurance and perception.

Connotations to nature are obvious with the Greenman; he may also be the signature of the mason or woodcarver who wanted to put their own face into the art.

“Natura nihil frustra facit”

Nature does nothing in vain
– Aristotle



We craft 3 styles of Greenmen pendants:

  1. The square Greenman is a bit grumpy and gruff. He’s seen it all before and will see it again.
  2. An older, wizened Greenman with a goddess holding a disc. This design shows the male and female aspects of nature having grown together.
  3. A young Greenman with a goddess holding a disc. This design shows the Male and Female aspects of nature growing as one.

All include an 18″ silver chain.

Gruff Greenman in sterling silver


Young Greenman with goddess in 10K gold


Young Greenman with goddess in sterling silver


Old, long Greenman figure with goddess nose

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