Gryphon and Dragon Ring

Gryphon and Dragon Ring

This design is inspired from the Celtic Book of Lindisfarne, circa 875 AD. The Gryphon and Dragon symbolize fire and water, the male and female aspects of nature. The numeral symbolism is of two halves which exist together as a whole. Both animals are the only supernatural beasts found in Celtic art, which gives a dual magical quality.

The knotwork which connects and surrounds the two animals represents the journey of life. Its twists and turns represent the dance of the soul, stepping left, right and so in a cycle that never ends. This style of knotwork and animal designs developed out of the more abstract styles of the La Tene ‘swirls’. Combined with the Viking influence of the 5th and 6th centuries, the style of the Celtic ‘golden age’ was born. It developed into a more representative art.

Catalog Info
R76 -10mm Gryphon & Dragon Ring
R75 – 12mm Gryphon & Dragon Ring 
R74 – 8mm Gryphon & Dragon Ring –

Gold colours include yellow, rose, white or green

Raised gold borders on gold or silver available 

Flush gold edges on gold only are available

Note that sterling silver’s background will appear darker or ‘antiqued’. Gold does not oxidize naturally.

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