Heart Triskele Handmade in 14K (+box chain)

Heart Triskele Handmade in 14K (+box chain)


This Heart Triskele was handmade in 14K yellow gold. The pendant photographed is what you will receive. The modern symbol of love, the Heart was first seen in the 1200’s in an illustration of a knight offering his heart to his love. It is recognized as the shape of Cupids arrow. The triangular Celtic Interlace is the shape of a 7th century Triquetra, the first Celtic knot. It is a symbol of eternity and good luck. This pendant is serial numbered G250. It measures 2cm x 2cm and is 1.5mm thick and was handmade at Bellchamber’s. Included is a gold box chain (18″, 10K yellow, 0.9mm).


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