Medieval Tree of Life Ring

Medieval Tree of Life Ring

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol found in all cultures. A tree connects heaven and earth by rooting in the earth and rooting in the sky. Often it is a vertically symmetrical pattern of two vines which sprout out of a central vessel; two souls growing together as one.

The year was the cycle all life was based on. The tree was the most sacred symbol in human history because it represents the connection between heaven and earth. The tree grows above as below. Think of what the tree provides; shelter, heat, and food.

When you look closely at this design you see two sides to the tree: the male and female aspects of nature growing out of the same earth, which is the bowl. This dual nature also symbolizes positive and negative forces in nature as well as day and night; two halves of a whole.

The R46 model 10mm tree of life ring in two tone gold. The yellow portion is hand pierced.

Available in three sizes (11, 8.5, and 7mm) in gold, platinum, or silver.
Raised borders in 10K or 14K gold are available.
Available gold colours include yellow, rose, white, and green.


Catalog Info
R46 (11mm)
R47 (8.5mm)
R48 (7mm)

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