Mo Anam Cara Ring

Mo Anam Cara Ring

The Gaelic Phrase “Mo Anam Cara”  translates to “My Lifetime Friend” in Irish Gaelic. It makes a lovely endearment ring or even a wedding band when made in gold.

I make five versions with different loveknots that separate the words; they also provide space where gemstones may be set into them. The rings range from 5 to 10mm wide.

In sterling silver, the background comes patinated in black and the foreground polished white.  This is known as “antiquing” and I normally finish all of my sterling silver rings this way.

The triskele in the 9mm model (model #241) is a symbol of good luck. It also represents the past, present, and future.

Models #330 and #329 are 5mm & 8mm wide and have a loveknot that spans the shank of the ring.


Catalog Info:
R108 MoAnamCara (5mm)
R109 MoAnamCara (10mm)
R241 MoAnamCara (9mm)
R330 MoAnamCara (5mm)
R329 MoAnamCara (8mm)

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