Muny Musk Triskele Ring

Muny Musk Triskele Ring

The Muny Musk pattern represents the dance of life: two souls stepping left and right and left again, footsteps in a never-ending love.

This is an early Celtic triskele loveknot. A triskele is a pattern that repeats every 3 steps. The triskele is a Celtic motif that represents the past, present, and future; a symbol of eternity and good luck. If you follow this pattern it repeats every three steps.

G. Bain refers the the Muny Musk artifact, a 6th century Irish box, as the earliest example of this loveknot. I have found it in the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow and in and some Scandinavian stones from the 7th Century, as well as Pictish stones.

Catalog Info:
R68F – 10mm Muny Musk Ring with Borders
R69F – 7mm Muny Musk Ring with Borders
R69N – 4.5mm Muny Musk Ring no Borders
R68N – 7.5mm  Muny Musk Ring no Borders

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