Sisiutl Warrior Soul Catcher Ring

Sisiutl Warrior Soul Catcher Ring

Sisiutl (“SEE-shoe”) is a symbol from the Northwest Coast region of North America. Some artifacts from the Kwakiutl, Nootka, Tlingit and Haida bear a motif of a human head between two serpent heads. I’ve seen the Sisiutl as a house protector too; in some old photographs of west coast houses it is seen at the smoke hole covering. The smoke hole is where spirits can exit and enter a house. Shamans used Sisuitl as a soul catcher to prevent a patients’ souls from wandering away during illness.

The Sisiutl protected a warrior by turning his enemy to stone if they gazed upon it. It also could shape change into a canoe or anything else the warrior would need. On this ring, the Sisiutl serves as a protective amulet.

I just want to note that this design is inspired by Native American culture and is one that I drew myself, like all of my pieces. I incorporated some labyrinth designs (a Celtic/Viking influence) on the hands.


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R171 (10mm)

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