Sleipnir & Odin Ring

Sleipnir & Odin Ring

Sleipnir is the 8-legged horse of Odin, chief of the Viking gods. The imagery on this Viking ring is inspired by the knot-legged horses on the 8th-century standing stones from Gotland, Denmark. The main image is of Odin, naked on Sleipnir’s back brandishing his shield and spear into Ragnarok.

There is also a small raven and a triskele knot. The coiled knotwork on the shank of the ring is Jörmungandr (the Midguard serpent), and this motif is also found on 3 of these stones.

The ring measures 10mm wide and can be made in gold, silver or platinum.

This design represents balance, fate and wisdom.


Catalog Info
R191: 10mm

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