Three Oak Tree of Life Ring

Three Oak Tree of Life Ring

The Oak tree is an ancient symbol of wisdom, longevity and strength. They can live for up to 200 years, the wood is very useful and strong, and the bark, as it ages, may resemble an elderly person’s wrinkles.

Cults of Zeus and Thor used the Oak as their sacred symbol. The Celtic Druids derived their title from the gaelic word for oak *derwo-weyd- > *druwid which also meant strong or firm. Due to its longevity it is the inspiration of the family tree.

This ring design features a hand-drawn tree trunk with 3 types of Oak leaves sprouting from the limbs and acorns between them. The leaves are a white, a red and a black Oak Leaf.


Catalog Info
R340 – 5mm
R636 – 7mm
R341 – 10mm
R407 – 12mm

Available in gold, platinum or silver.

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