Welsh Dragon Ring

Welsh Dragon Ring

The Welsh flag is referred to as “Y Ddraig Goch”, a red dragon on a green and white field. The earliest record of this symbol is the 7th of August, 1485, during the reign of King Henry the VII.

The red dragon symbolizes wisdom, strength and the supernatural.  It can also be linked to the element of fire.

The Welsh Dragon Ring I hand make is 10mm wide and features a Celtic interlace triskele called the Dimma Loveknot, found in the Book of Dimma (7th Century CE)


Catalog Info:
R94 – 10mm Welsh Dragon Ring
R461 – 6mm Welsh Dragon Ring
R460 – 6mm Tapering Dragon Triquetra
R571 – 10mm Welsh Dragon Crest Ring
R605 – Dragon & Lion Triskele 10mm
R694 – 8mm Tree of Life Dragon

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