The Poseidon Ring – Water as Thought

The Poseidon Ring – Water as Thought

Aug 29, 2021 | Animals & Mythology, Horses

Water is the main idea behind this ring and how it was the first scientific principle or thought. It began with the philosopher Thales of Miletus and his idea that Water was the originating principle of nature. This idea was completely radical in 2550 year ago Greece. Thales has become known as the first Scientist and was the first philosopher to explain our world using ‘naturalistic hypotheses’ and not use mythos. I still needed to represent water so I found an ancient Greek artifact depicting Poseidon riding a Hippocampus. This is a perfect juxtaposition because it is the Greek god of Water (mythos) riding on his mythical seahorse which is also what the name of the major part of a brain (thought). The elements of the Suns rays and the Gorgons eyes were protective amulets from evil as, well as from getting intoxicated. This ring is 10mm wide and the first edition (gold) pictured here was a gift to a Philosophy Graduate.

Side view of Poseidon ring showing Sun and Light Rays and Evil Eye protector
Detail of the 500 BCE Greek Wine Bowl showing Poseidon on Hippocampus

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