Elemental Wedding Bands

Elemental Wedding Bands

May 4, 2023 | Classic & Modern, Rings

Wedding rings have been around since goldsmiths have. Sometimes something that underlines your style and simply says “Taken” is all one needs. Take these White Sterling Silver bands which we forged for an order. They are 1.8mm thick and were made in a 6mm and a 10mm width with flat walls and slightly rounded edges. They are very comfortable, and can be adjusted in size when needed. If you are looking for rings, we recommend a precious metal such as gold, platinum or sterling silver, they can be adjusted later. We do not recommend any other metals such steel alloys or ceramic since they can’t be cut in an emergency or sized. Go for a precious metal you can afford, because you will put memories and life experience into the piece making it worth more than you paid for it, and when the time comes, it can be adjusted.

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