Bracelet – Bangle – Cuff

Bracelet – Bangle – Cuff

Apr 6, 2022 | Bangle Bracelet Cuffs

Accoutrements for the wrist is something Bellchamber’s does as a special request. Most of our ring patterns can be made into a Bangel, however it takes 3-4 times the material which a regularly sized ring will require. Cuffs can be made with a figaro bracelet linking a 1/2 cuff. 3/4 Cuffs cand be made as well. Full bracelets made from pendant or earring designs are also available. Bracelets, Cuffs or Bangles take 2-3 times the work which a ring needs to produce. They are stunning when they are finished and are very eye catching from a distance. The main photo of the bangle using the Braided Triskele pattern at 10mm wide.

A Lion Crest Triskele Cuff in Sterling with a Figaro bracelet, 10mm wide.
A Traditional Claddagh Bracelet with the main design of the ring.
The Tree of Life Cuff in sterling silver.

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