Custom Gold Wedding Set

Custom Gold Wedding Set

Feb 28, 2023 | Lions, Engagement Ring, Rings, Tree of Life

Wedding rings don’t always have to match. They are an expression of the individual as well as the couples union. Pictured here is a set with a Lion Signet in solid yellow gold and a Dianne Loveknot wedding set in white gold. The Dianne Loveknot is set with an antique mine cut diamond and 2 cornflower blue sapphires. It fits with a wedding ring that is hand engraved with a Celtic Tree of Life motif from the Book of Kells. The Lion is a symbol of the leader as well as strength, the tree is a family symbol which is a connection of heaven and earth since the tree roots in the sky and the earth.

Dianne Loveknot custom wedding set in white gold.

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