Fancy Green Sapphire in Diamond ring

Fancy Green Sapphire in Diamond ring

Oct 2, 2023 | Oval Cut Gemstone, Sapphire, Diamond, Yellow Gold

Pictured is a 1.08 carat fancy green sapphire with an oval cut set into a custom yellow gold ring. There are natural diamonds set into the shank and partially in the halo as well. Setting a faceted shaped stone takes 4-5 times longer than a round brilliant cut gem. This is due to having to consider, the depth of the belly, girdle thickness where the claws will be, and symmetry of 3 axis. The setting usually has to be carved by hand expertly (not rushed) so that is sits straight and securely. Gemstone setting is done in our shop. The tall white diamonds are called baguette cuts and the small square ones are princess cuts.

Green Sapphire 1.08 ct set into diamond yellow gold ring

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