Elemental Thor’s Hammer in Gold

Elemental Thor’s Hammer in Gold

May 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

A simple Mjölnir in white gold was commissioned by one of our clients. The oath-ring, chain ends and chain are all white gold as well. Mjölnir is the name of the Scandinavian god Thor’s hammer.

Thor is the God of Thunder and the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge separating Valhalla (Heaven) & Earth. His Hammer Mjölnir made him invincible versus any foe. From about the 5th Century to the 12th Century AD Thor’s Hammers were popular amulets worn by people to bring Luck, Prosperity and Strength. The hammer also has a balance of 2 meanings; it can be viewed in a positive aspect as a tool, to construct and build but may also be seen as weapon, if used destructively. In the tales of Thor, he could use it to give life or take it.

Thor’s Hammers where fairly common place by the 11th century From Greenland to England to Scandinavia. It’s argued that the rise of the cult of Thor started as Christianity and the Christian Cross amulet was gaining popularity. There is evidence even of a jewellers soapstone mold from Trendgården, Denmark that makes 2 Crosses and one Hammer!

One side has rune engraving on the terminal caps and the hammer as well.

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