Tara Brooch Triskele pendant in gold
Tara Brooch Triskele in Gold

Tara Brooch Triskele pendant in gold

Dec 11, 2020 | Interlace & Love Knots, Spirals

This Celtic Triskele pendant is 14K yellow gold and features a motif from the Tara Brooch. The Tara Brooch is an oversized penannular cloak pin from the mid 7th century (650-700CE). It is a masterwork of gold and silver and is on permanent display at the Museum of Ireland. It features three labyrinths (double spirals) around a triangular spiral as well as zoomorphic (animals) interlace designs. The Tara Brooches designs predates Celtic styles of interlace found in the Books of Durrow, Kells and Lindisfarne. The center design on our gold pendant pictured here is what would lead to designing the Celtic Triquetra, found a few decades later. The Triskele is a repletion of three which represents eternity and good luck. Available in 13mm and 23mm.

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