Platinum Eternity Triskele Ring

Platinum Eternity Triskele Ring

Mar 9, 2022 | Interlace & Love Knots, Platinum, Rings, Scalloped Edge

Platinum is a very rare precious metal. Pictured is an 8mm wide Eternity Triskele Ring without borders custom cast in <950> Platinum. Note that it has a scalloped edging. The interlace is a 8th century Pictish design first found on the Rosy Priory stone. It is a single ribbon which follows an alternating triquetra pattern. The number 3 in Celtic lore represents eternity. Platinum is 2.3 times as heavy as Sterling Silver and 1.75 times as weighty as 14K gold. It has nice comfortable heft to it. It’s colour can be described as a white grey rather than white golds warm white. The earths crust has a roughly 7m cube of platinum, compare that to a 20m cube for gold and a 52m cube for silver.

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