How to measure finger ring size

How to measure finger ring size

May 1, 2006 | Techniques

Determining a ring size is an initial step before ordering a ring. Have at least 2 different jewellers measure your finger size if you are unable have the staff at Bellchambers do it for you. Your fingers will be slightly larger in the summer than the winter, usually by a half a size.

3mm and 5mm wide finger sizers (1). A high-end jewellery store will have 5mm wide ring sizers. The 5mm wide ring sizers are for determining sizes of wide rings rather than the standard 3mm sizers which are for rings less than 3mm.

Proper measurement of a ring on a mandrel (3).  If you already have a ring which fits and need to determine the proper size, be sure to measure the size from the number on the mandrel that is directly underneath the middle of the shank.

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