Spiral Triskele Pendant of Durrow
Spiral Triskele of Durrow

Spiral Triskele Pendant of Durrow

Dec 4, 2020 | Spirals

This pendant is inspired from a design on the carpet (cover) page of the Celtic book of Durrow. It is 24mm in diameter and this example is finished in yellow gold. A 16mm version is also available. Note that the three spiral main spiral points are not all triple labyrinths, one is a double labyrinth (12 o’clock) and the other two at 4 and 8 o’clock are triples. This spiral triskele motif is common from the golden age of Celtic art (late 600s -800s). There is another found on the silver nielo parts of the Tara Brooch in Ireland, however the three spirals are all triple spirals. It’s impossible to go back in time and ask the makers of it’s significance, but we can assume it is indeed significant due to it’s use. The number three is auspicious perhaps as a symbolism of the position of the solstice suns and full and new moons. Theses celestial bodies seem to come to rest at these moments. The significance of the double labyrinth is the number 2, which is 2 parts of a whole, opposites together, above and below.

Pictured is a yellow gold version (16mm dia) with a 10pt diamond bezel set in the top spiral.

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