Captains Log, Date 210427.1

Captains Log, Date 210427.1

Apr 27, 2021 | Gemstone Settings, Oval Cut Gemstone, Cabochon cut gemstone, Captains Log

I’ve been operating the shop by myself for 3 months now. We’ve been through 3 lockdowns in the last 13 months and we are in the 3rd wave of COVID-19. Demand for jewellery repairs and gifts have slowed, as might be expected, but is consistent. I am grateful to have work to do. The shop is operating by curb-side pick up and entry into the mall is limited. I look forward to the day to bring Mr. Poirier back on full time like we did in September of 2020 after the first wave of our pandemic. Today’s goal is to put the finishing touches on 2 custom gold ring orders photograph them & complete 5 repair jobs.

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