Braided Triskele Interlace

Braided Triskele Interlace

Dec 2, 2021 | Interlace & Love Knots, Gold Colour, Yellow Gold, Rings

This elegant interlace pattern can be found around the world. The triple braid is one of the strongest physical knots. In Celtic artifacts the interlace pattern is found from the 5th century CE onwards. It’s may also found in Roman, Asian and Medieval mosaic. The symbolism of the Triple Braid is Strength, Eternity and Good Luck. The smaller width may fit together with an engagement ring as a complete wedding set. As well the borders can be taken off to make a smaller width giving the ring a more sculpted look. The Braided Triskele Ring is available in 3 widths: R9 – 6mm, R8 – 10mm or R7 – 8mm.

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