Sky Blue Sapphire in Bailey Triskele

Sky Blue Sapphire in Bailey Triskele

May 31, 2022 | Interlace & Love Knots, Gemstone Settings, Round Brilliant cut, Sapphire, Yellow Gold, Rings

A 2/3 carat round light blue sapphire is bezel set in a yellow gold Bailey Triskele. Inspired by strength, elegance and balance the Bailey Triskele ring features a mirrored Celtic Triskele pattern from the 7th century. Note the interlace is hand pierced. This design is 14mm wide at the front and tapers to a comfortable 5mm at the back. Model R204.

The ring is solid and the back of the setting is open allowing easy access for cleaning the gemstone. Round brilliant cut gemstones scintillate and sparkle best when clean.

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