Celtic Tree of Life Ring with Blue Sapphire
Wide Celtic Tree of Life ring

Celtic Tree of Life Ring with Blue Sapphire

Feb 16, 2019 | Gemstone Settings, Tree of Life, Round Brilliant cut, Sapphire

Gemstones which are as large as this 1.25 carat blue sapphire are considered Exotic. They are very rare in this quality and size. Finding a goldsmith to set a large stone like this is actually even more rare and will increase the value of your gem. Jason hand sets every one methodically, ensuring that they secure and straight. The round-brilliant cut sapphire is bezel set into a custom 11mm wide Celtic Tree of Life ring in 14K gold. The pattern is found throughout the Irish Book of Kells. The Celtic Tree of life symbol is found throughout the Book of Kells and represents the connection of heaven and earth as well as the family.

Side view of bezel setting
The side profile of the ring demonstrates the height of the bezel required to accommodate the stones height. This is the lowest and most flush type of setting.

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