Class/Team Ring Restoration
Class Ring Restoration

Class/Team Ring Restoration

Nov 12, 2020 | Classic & Modern, Hand Engraving, Techniques

A School Ring or Team ring made of gold will carry a lot of memories for the owner. Over decades the design can fade and the gemstone in the center may become worn. Often the stone is a vibrant coloured lab-made crystal called spinel. Synthetic spinel is 10x harder than glass but not as hard as synthetic sapphire, so it may show signs of wear and tear over years of use. In this case our client had a 52 year old class ring he wanted to restore, the gemstone was left as is, it is still a beautiful blue. It is a 1968 Brock University ring and we went over the design with hand engraving to bring it back to life. The engraving was quite worn when it was brought in.

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