Ethical Gold vs Recycled/Refined Gold

Ethical Gold vs Recycled/Refined Gold

Nov 17, 2020 | Publications, Gold Colour, Goldsmithing, Client Gold, Techniques

A client wrote me and asked where I source my metals from. Here is my reply ‘Thank you for writing to me. I have always sourced my new precious metals from local metal refiners & recyclers. Interestingly, 1/3 of my clients bring me their own gold to reuse in a new piece. The rule of thumb is 50% new refined gold must be added to client gold. An article I had published in the Metal Craft Magazine explains some aspects of alloys. I enjoy researching historical alloys to make different colours of gold. Please let me know if you have any other questions.’

Different people will give different answers about what constitutes ethical gold. I do not buy from mines nor does my refiner/recycler sources. Recycled gold from a refiner is generally from 90% scrap jewellery and 10% industrial (electronics). The refining process means gold or silver will be refined 2-3 times before I use it. A wafer of pure gold made in Canada will be stamped with 23.99 or 23.999, the 9 refers to each time it has been refined. Interestingly, all of the gold on the earths crust would be a 15.25m cube,

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