Turtle Family Ring
Turtle Ring

Turtle Family Ring

Aug 20, 2021 | Turtle, Animals & Mythology, Tribal, Crests & Heraldry

Turtles have been on the planet Earth longer than people. They can live for more than a century and seem to be their own islands. The Turtle represent longevity, wisdom and the support of the world itself. A client of mine wanted me to make a ring for his partner to represent the Turtle. So I designed one with several different turtles on the shank. Notice that different animal heads appear on the feet and sometimes the shell of the turtle, this is the family of animals. Some of the shells have a 4 armed spiral which corresponds to time as the four seasons of the year cycle. Others have a Celtic Triskele spiral with represents the soul and the parts of life (past present and future). This ring photographed is the 7mm version in sterling silver, it is also available in 10mm wide as well. The models are R740 – 10mm and R819 – 7mm wide.

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