Lucky Horseshoe Rings with Diamonds
Diamond Horseshoe rings

Lucky Horseshoe Rings with Diamonds

Aug 24, 2021 | Two Tone Ring, Gemstone Settings, Classic & Modern, Diamond, Diamond, Two Tone Gold, Two Tone Gold, Rings

Pictured are a custom set of Lucky Horseshoe wedding rings. They are both 14k yellow gold with a white gold horseshoe plate on the top set with 19 diamonds and finished with hand-engraving. In terms of scale the gents size is about the size of a quarter and the ladies top fits in a dime diameter. They are of a comfortable weight and no too heavy nor too light. Jason individually sets each diamond and they must match in height and be symmetrically placed in order to please the eye. Horseshoes are recognized as one of the luckiest symbols worldwide.

The gents ring has 8 diamonds the ladies has 11 viewed from the top.

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