Oak Druid Ring

Oak Druid Ring

Sep 7, 2021 | Tree of Life, Family Tree

The word Drui is Gaelic for Oak. The Oak of course is the most sacred tree to the Druids and Celts. It is a symbol of Wisdom, Strength and Love. I named this ring the Oak Druid ring because there are motifs of three different Oak Leaves. Black Oak, White Oak and Red Oak. When I was searching for leaf patterns I also noticed here in Southern Ontario that the three oak types loose their leaves at different times in the fall. The Red will loose theirs on the first snow in, the Black Oak looses theirs by the 3rd snowfall and the White Oak hangs on to it’s leaves until after the winter solstice. It is model R35.
Other clues of Druid translations; Daur Irish – Oak (Drui – druid), Dervo Gaulish Oak, Derw Welsh Oak (Derwydd – druid), Drus Greek Oak

Side showing the Black Oak Leaf
The White Oak leaf with the rounded lobes.

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