Custom Ring from Found Object

Custom Ring from Found Object

Sep 8, 2021 | Classic & Modern

Our client had a very nice story about finding a ring for his partner right in a stream bed right the time he wanted it. Sometimes it feels like the universe really does gives little nudges of help here and there. The ring he had was very special and had a pattern on it, unfortunately it was made of pewter and couldn’t be repaired when it started to break and need upkeep. He asked if we could make a copy of it out of sterling silver. Borders were added to it to make it a bit more comfortable rather than scalloped edges on one side. A sweet memory or inspiration is what makes jewellery want to be worn over and over. The finished ring is 6mm wide.

The original pewter ring next to the Sterling Silver copy.
The original ring (pewter) next to the sterling silver Kilburn Custom ring.

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