Carved Carnelian Intaglio Signet Ring

Carved Carnelian Intaglio Signet Ring

Sep 14, 2021 | Signet, Cabochon cut gemstone, Gemstone Settings

We were commissioned to make a pair of custom signet rings with a bezel set carved gem. Kanji characters inspired by Japanese Anime was the inspiration. One was for a character named ‘Pein’. The second ring we made has the character for ‘Steel’. We custom made a large signet ring in sterling silver and set a flat Carnelian gemstone into it. The objective was to make them look ancient and completely handmade. Next we slowly engraved the gemstone with the character. Carved gemstone signets, especially Carnelian, are one of the oldest styles of ring and were used millennia’s ago to ‘sign’ or seal official documents. Intaglio rings make a relief impression on wax.

Carved Carnelian Gemstone with ‘Steel’ Kanji

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