Lucky Rune Ring with Engraving

Lucky Rune Ring with Engraving

Sep 22, 2021 | Phrases & Runes, Viking, Hand Engraving

The Anglo Saxon artifact this ring is inspired from is found in the British Museum. It is a heavy gold ring from the 8th century decorated with runes and and three character inside engraving. Bellchamber used the same runes in bas relief to create this 10mm wide ring in sterling silver. It is personalized with another engraving inside our client requested. Runic engravings can be found on Swords, combs and animal bones. They can be a power charm or even something to denote ownership. The rings on the artifact above are 3 words and are likely a charm of invincibility.

The inside engraving which personalizes many Bellchamber rings.
An example of Rune engraving on a 11th Century antler found in Ireland. On display at the National Museum.

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