Edgar’s Raven

Edgar’s Raven

Sep 30, 2021 | Animals & Mythology, Ravens

Pictured is a Raven illustrated by my friend Edgar Allen Rossetti. Edgar is First Nations and a fantastic and talented artist. We met when I had a booth at the Vancouver Celtic Festival in 2011. We collaborated to make this pendant made in sterling silver, it measures about 4×3 cm.. Ravens are symbolic world wide. They are extremely intelligent and even exhibit behaviours not unique to people. Ravens are associated with the creation of people in West Coast mythos. Some might say Ravens are helpful, in a sardonic way. I’m posting this today Sept. 30 which is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. We wear orange to educate people about residential schools in Canada and to honour and remember the experiences and loss of the First Nation, Inuit and Métis children who were stolen from their families and placed in these schools.

Mr. Edgar Allen Rossetti when we met in 2011.

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