Custom Lock-back Knife

Custom Lock-back Knife

Oct 21, 2021 | Knife

Jason has assembled over 30 lock-back knives with custom handles since 2005. Pictured is number 32 which has coca-bola handles and hand-engraved scroll work on the white brass bolsters. Our clients initials are engraved on the ends of each bolster. Each rivet is hand peened and then highly polished. 2mm gemstones can be set into the rivets as well. The steel in this one is a hardened 440. The blade is ~4 1/8″ long and, 7 1/8″overall. Without engraving, a Bellchamber hand-made knife with a nice hardwood handle is about $600 and takes 5 weeks to order.

An earlier style of lock-back knife with coca-bola handle. Made in 2006 serial number 16.

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