Kalevala Interlace Ring

A wedding band set with a Kalevala design. The Kalavala is the Finnish story of the worlds creation. The symbol represent the four seasons and the four corners of heaven held up by the four directions, in essence the cycle of life. Widest is 8mm and it rests on the 6mm version.  It is also available in a 7mm width.   

The Kalevala is an Sámi/Finnish myth of the worlds creation. The design on our ring set pictured incorporates one of the Kalevala interlace designs, a version of a St. Johns Arm design. It’s also a lucky symbol of the 4 guardians that hold up heaven, which was forged by Ilmarinen the eternal Smith. There are 4 widths available 8mm, 7mm and 6mm.

This diamond Kalevala ring is just over 5mm wide and is set with a Canadian Diamond. It’s a square cut called a Princess cut. The Rose gold to symbolize the Copper Bowl of the sky in Finnish myth. The setting is in White Gold. This photo is from our 2009 archives.

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