Double Triskele Engagement Ring with Diamond

Double Triskele Engagement Ring with Diamond

Apr 21, 2017 | Interlace & Love Knots, Gemstone Settings, Classic & Modern, Round Brilliant cut, Diamond, White Gold, Engagement Ring

This ring is a Bellchamber version of a split-shank ring with Celtic interlace protecting the gem setting. A triangular interlace called a Triquetra is mirrored on both sides of a claw style setting. The Triple spiral design in the centre of the interlace is known as a Triskele which represents eternity and good luck. This ring photographed features a 4-claw setting containing a 0.40 carat white diamond. Other size diamonds or coloured round gems may be set as well. The ring can be stacked easily with a flat wedding ring or even one of our Celtic bands.

Resting with a flat wedding ring.
Stacks easily with a Celtic Ring.

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