Client Gold Ring with Gemstones

Client Gold Ring with Gemstones

Feb 16, 2022 | Gemstone Settings, Classic & Modern, Client Gold, Sapphire, Diamond, Yellow Gold

Our client had a ring they inherited with some marquis shaped blue sapphires and small melee diamonds. We upcycled her yellow gold material in the new ring and reset her gemstones to make this more modern low profile design. It’s a 6mm wide half-round which is a bit taller at the top to accommodate the height of the marquis stones. These blue sapphires are approximately 4x3mm. Jason set each by hand with a combination bead/gypsy style setting. It’s nice to know a new piece of jewellery started with good memories of a loved one. Upcycling is Bellchamber’s process of adding client gold material to new gold.

Setting gemstones recessed into the band makes it less likely to catch on clothing.

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