Signet Ring with 22K Gold Franc
22K 5 Francs Ring 1859

Signet Ring with 22K Gold Franc

Feb 24, 2021 | Goldsmithing, Client Gold, Gemstone Settings, Signet, Classic & Modern

Our client, in this case, is an experienced metal detectorist. He found a 22k gold signet ring. He also found (near Sarnia ON) a solid gold 5 Franc Coin from 1859. An amazing find. This coin had traveled around the world! What was desired was a setting for the coin on the ring. Jason made some 1.5mm 22K gold wire to construct the claws. Next they where welded symmetrically into the corners, polished and the coin set into the top. 2 accent diamonds (2.5mm diameter) were also added to the shoulders. Each item was found during our clients metal detecting trips in the warm seasons.

Inside and underneath ring.  The hallmark reads .916 which is 22K.

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